• SS20 New White World Map T-Shirt
  • SS20 New White World Map T-Shirt

SS20 New White World Map T-Shirt

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The World Map T-Shirt is in support of a crucial ongoing campaign against Climate Change. Showing a map of the world, in red, highlights the areas of the world that would become inhabitable if estimated rises in temperatures are correct. The iconic Climate Revolution Arrow, as well as Vivienne's War and Peace sketches are also featured. Climate Revolution; the revolution has already begun. The fact of man-made climate change is accepted by most people. Through every walk of life people are changing their values and their behaviour. In 2008, the New Economics Foundation announced their “100 Months” campaign – the amount of time they estimate we have to stabilize the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere before the risk of uncontrollable planet warming becomes unacceptably high.